Hire The Tribble Center:
employment specialists for the developmentally disabled

The clients of The Tribble Center are great employees and The Tribble Center's Employment Program makes it easy for business and industry to hire reliable, consistent, talented workers. When you form a business partnership with The Tribble Center, you become part of breaking down barriers and changing attitudes about what is possible. When you partner with us, you are literally changing lives -- and helping your organization by:
  • lowering labor costs
  • keeping jobs local
  • demonstrating corporate responsibility

The Tribble Center clients perform job functions that range from manufacturing to landscaping, from cleaning to kitchen work. We offer three different ways your business can run more efficiently while creating a very unique sense of shared value:

1. Tribble Workshops
  • On-site assembly or light manufacturing
  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Inventory storage
2. Tribble Enclaves
  • A work crew on your site
  • Fully supervised by trained staff
  • Able to complete a large variety of jobs
3. Tribble Job Coach
  • Employed by you and trained by The Tribble Center Job Coach
  • Individuals receive regular support and training from our Job Coach

For more information and to arrange for The Tribble Center clients to work for your business, contact Donna Thompson, Day Program Manager at (864) 882-6347.

Our Business Partners

Thanks to all our current business partners who provide jobs for Tribble Center clients. You help make their lives meaningful and fulfilling! If you are not already a business partner, consider joining this special group of Businesses and Industries:

Aramark Services
Arby's, Walhalla
Beef and Rib
BiLo - Rochester Hwy and Seneca
Bojangles, Walhalla and Seneca
Burger King, Seneca
Carolina Plumbing
Chickasaw Point
City of Seneca
Duke Energy
Eaton (US Engine Valve)
Fatz Cafe
Grace Baptist Church
International Deli
Keowee Key
Koyo Bearings
Lift-Tech Elecar
Martha's Cafe
Oconee Public Works
Paw's Diner
Publix of Clemson
Schneider Electric
Seneca Baptist Church
Simply Carolina
Walhalla Steak House

The Tribble Center

116 South Cove Road
Seneca, SC 29672-6711
864 885-6055

Employment Opportunities

at The Tribble Center

A career at The Tribble Center can be a highly rewarding experience. Click here for more information and how to apply