Services Provided by The Tribble Center

Case Management

Case Management

Case Management is the single entry point into services provided by The Tribble Center.

Once a person is eligible for SCDDSN (South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs), the Case Manager will provide:

  • needs assessment
  • care planning
  • advocacy
  • consultation
  • referral/linkage
  • monitoring

Amy Cheek is the Family Support Director and the contact point for people to access services provided by the Tribble Center. All services must be accessed through the Case Management Program. (864) 885-6044

Early Intervention

The Sky's the Limit! Early Intervention Program

What is Early Intervention?

  • The Early Intervention Program of The Tribble Center is a family centered program that serves children birth to six years old, regardless of the family’s income.

Benefits of Early Intervention

  • Every child grows and develops at his/her own pace. Research shows that a child’s first three years are the most important time for learning. This is the age where children are exploring the environment and establishing their foundation for learning. Research also shows that early intervention may reduce the need for special class placement or special education programs when the child reaches school age.

What does an Early Interventionist do?

  • An Early Interventionist is a highly trained, dedicated professional who works closely with the child and their family to help the child reach their full potential.
  • Our goal is to help families become educated about their child’s needs and become self-advocates for their child, provide learning activities to enhance development, and link families to available services in the community.


  • To be eligible a child must have significant delays or an established condition that may result in delays.
  • A thorough assessment will be completed to see where the child is developmentally.
  • An IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) will be completed that will address goals and services for each child individually.

Molly Tannery is the Early Intervention Supervisor and you can contact her at: (864) 885-6054.

Adult Day Services

Adult Day Services

Adult day services are provided to Tribble Center residents as well as day participants. The program includes:

Adult Activity Center

The Center is located on The Tribble Center campus and provides individuals with training in:

  • Functional Academics
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Self-help Skills
  • Community Awareness
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Exercise & Leisure Activities

Sheltered Workshops are also located on the campus of The Tribble Center where participants have an opportunity to work and earn income. Local companies bring work to be done to the Work Shop and Tribble Center employees supervise the work. It is a great way to teach:

  • task completion
  • attendance
  • safety
  • problem solving

And it is a favorite among Tribble Center clients. Participants enjoy doing the work, earning money and comradery with other participants.

Work Enclave

This program offers training similar to the Workshop Program but takes place in a community setting at local businesses. Some of our business partners are: Schneider Electric, BorgWarner, Lift Tech, US Engine Valve, Koyo Bearings, Seneca Baptist Church and many more.

Job Coach Services
This program provides assistance in obtaining employment in the community. The job coach provides intial training and follow-along services to help ensure longevity of employment. This group of individuals are able to work with limited support and sometimes are able to advance out of the program.

Donna Thompson is the Day Program Manager and can be reached at (864) 882-6347. Meloney Stokes is the Director of Operations and can be reached at (864) 885-6069.

Residential Services

Residential Services

Residential services are provided to clients through two main settings:

The Community Training Home (CTH) and Supervised Living Programs, I, II, & III.

The Community Training Home offers individual the opportunity to live in a home-like setting with staff supervision 24 hours a day. The Tribble Center currently operates 13 Community Training Homes located throughout Oconee County. Program features include:

  • Training to increase independence
  • Medicine administration
  • Community activities
  • 24 hour supervision

Supervised Living Programs I, II, & III

The Supervised Living Programs (SLP) offer individuals with the ability to live semi-independently the opportunity to do so, while at the same time assisting them in areas where they require a little help. Residents live in apartments or private dwellings and are provided supervision and assistance tailored to their specific needs.

Contact Information:
Meloney Stokes, Director of Operations (864) 886-1011
Amanda Howard, CTH Coordinator (864) 885-1501
Tammy Bryant, CTH Coordinator (864) 885-6050
Brantley Ballard, SLP III Coordinator (864) 888-8028
Ashleigh Yacu, SLP II Coordinator (864) 888-3288
Danielle Ratteerree, SLP I Coordinator (864) 886-1015

Support Services

Support Services

Support Services are additional services provided outside the scope of day services, residential services, case management and early intervention. These services have to be accessed through Case Management.

  • Individual Family Support/Respite
  • Greenwood Genetics
  • Area 13 Special Olympics
  • After Hours Socialization Program
  • Tribble Tree
  • Home and Community Based Waivers

Intellectual Disability/Related Disability (ID/RD)
Community Supports (CS)

The Tribble Center

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Employment Opportunities

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